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GreenWorld Restoration restores, rebuilds and raises the bar for sustainable functionality in world systems in efforts to establish a new syntax of global well-being.

Michael Torres, a father, humanitarian, and public speaker, promotes world transformation through awareness of sustainability solutions.

In a world where true leaders are needed to raise the bar for families, educational systems, businesses and humanity, Michael Torres works diligently to encourage a new global generation of business men and women to embrace a more humanitarian way of corporate thinking.  He energizes them with concepts of global purpose in the marathon of modern life.

As chairman of the board at GreenWorld Restoration Foundation and founder and CEO of GreenWorld Restoration LLC, Michael Torres recognizes that true leaders are being called to guide corporate communities in directions that are sustainable, equitable and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Goals dedicated to profitability, ecological responsibility and benefitting the global community are a catalyst for shaping a better world for present and future generations. GreenWorld Restoration Foundation recognizes the work of such leadership.

Being a serial entrepreneur himself, Michael knows success in business is directly connected to an organization's ability to give back through charitable work and to give a percentage of their profits to philanthropic efforts that heal the environment and humanity.

The philosophies of Paying it forward, Creating it forward, and finding simple solutions to complex problems, have propelled Michael forward into a leadership role within this new world of conscious capitalism.

To schedule Michael Torres to speak at your next conference or corporate meeting, email us here or call 512.608.9077. 

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